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This Are The Features You Can See Only In ALPhA MUSIX

Music Trivia

Unleash your music knowledge in a fun challenge. Exciting questions, diverse genres

Crisp Quality

Envision a world of flawless music, no interruptions, no lag. Elevate your auditory experience — where quality meets melody seamlessly!

Lofi Play

Dive into tranquility with our curated Lofi playlist. Enhance your mood, boost focus, and unwind effortlessly!



Effortlessly control your music—play, pause, and explore with style. Enjoy the rhythm at your fingertips!!

Request Channel

Simply type your song in the channel, and let the music play. No commands, just your favorite tunes on demand!


Public Playlist

Elevate your vibes with shared playlists. Discover, contribute, and curate a collective musical journey!

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ALPhA MUSIX Kerala's First Verified Discord Music Bot With Lightning-fast Response Times And A Extensive Music Library. With Advanced Commands For PlayBack Control, Custom Playlists, And Synchronized Playback WIth Friends, Our Bot delivers A Seamless Music Experience. Customizable settings And a Range Of Additional Features. We Belive That Every Server Deserves A Great music Experience.So We Are Introducing The Ultimate Discord Music Bot - Enjoy High-Quality Audio And Easy-To-Use Commands. From Relaxing Beats To Party Hits. Elevate Your Server With The Best Music Experience And Bring your Community Together Like Never before.


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